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Get your fashion line up and running quick! We've got a whole library of patterns for you to pick.

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Lefty Production Co. is a one stop shop development house and apparel & accessories manufacturer based in the heart of Los Angeles.

We have your best interest at heart

We guide new and established clothing and accessory lines through sketching and design, fabric and trim sourcing, labels and branding, pattern and sample making, duplicates, fittings, pattern revisions, marking and grading, cutting, production and packing. From our years in the fashion business, we know how difficult it is to find reliable and honest garment and textile manufacturing partners and vendors. In this challenging business, you need a partner you can trust, not only to be honest with you, but also to have your best interest at heart.



We and our highly skilled craftspeople are here to help you every step of the way.
Sewing room


We produce batches large and small and offers low minimums to clients who develop their garments with us.
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From providing yields and duplicates to marking & grading and size testing, we'll get you prepared for production.
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Laser cutting fabric
Clothing sketch and fabric swatches

Sourcing & Design

We’ll work with you to put your creative vision on paper or in 3D CAD and then bring it to life.
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Our pattern makers have years of experience avoiding fit issues and our sewers are experts in bringing beautiful samples to life.
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Lefty 3D renders


We partner with creators and entrepreneurs and provide a seamless experience when it comes to developing projects. We produce everything in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest quality of materials.
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spindles of thread


We can help you get started with your project by providing consulting, material sourcing, and project management.
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clothing sketch


Our pattern makers have years of experience specializing in production patterns to avoid fit issues.
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laser cutter in action


We'll equip you with everything you need — duplicate samples, marking and grading, size testing, and coordinating raw materials and production.
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sewing machine


Whether your project is big or small, we make everything in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest quality of materials.
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Sally, Touch of Terry

“Lefty is a great partner! When we started our tennis clothing line, Touch of Terry, Lefty expertly guided us through the design process to achieve a product we’re proud to market. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and presentation of the garments.”

Kyle, Chief Swoveralls Officer

“I have been a proud client of Lefty's for over 5 years, and am incredibly grateful for their support and service. Lefty's production skillsets are exceptional, but what sets them apart is the customer service. I feel I have a true partner in Yahel who understands the needs of our business. Just as important, is the team's openness to feedback if/when needed. Last but not least, Marta is a former apparel brand owner herself, and thus understands the nuances and challenges that go into building a DTC business. As a result, I have always felt like the Lefty team really "gets" what we're doing at Swoveralls. Simply put, I'm not even sure if Swoveralls is around today without Lefty.”

Hamed abdelmuti

“Lefty Production is terrific to work with. We appreciate their team and are extremely satisfied with the product they made for us. We definitely will be using Lefty Production again in the near future!”

Drew, Major Blue

“Working with Lefty has been absolutely amazing! From the very first meeting I had with Lefty I knew they were on a whole other level over the other manufacturers I met with. Lefty was so transparent on pricing and timelines on the first meeting and really talked over everything with me to be sure that this would be a great fit with my new brand. I came in with my designs and patterns ready to go for my first collection and the whole Lefty team made the whole manufacturing process so easy. It was amazing seeing my designs come to life! The whole Lefty team are experts in what they do, from the account managers who connect you with absolutely everyone you would need to get all of your materials and trims for your line, to their talented pattern makers and sewers. Everything was done with the highest quality, I am so proud of this line of work I have made and that I was able to do it with Lefty, all made right here in the USA!

Neil Korf

“Lefty has been absolutely vital in bringing our concepts and designs to fruition since the very beginning of our journey as an emerging apparel brand. From development and sourcing to production and finishing, Marta and the wonderful team at Lefty guided us every step of the way keeping high quality-control standards of paramount importance throughout the entire process. We are as thrilled with the results as we are the experience of working with such a talented and enthusiastic crew.”


“As a new brand, Lefty was integral in providing the professionalism and expertise we needed in a production company from start to finish.  It was crucial to have a solid partner as we launched our new collection, and we were delighted with their attention to detail and stellar communication. Plus, they are wonderful people to work with!”

Joelle Maynard

“Working with Lefty Production is always a pleasure. I have a great experience each time I bring students to show how "real" production works. Marta Miller has a eager team of players, many of which were former students from various fashion schools in Los Angeles. Touring the factory enforces what we teach in class. The atmosphere is relaxed yet professional with personal attention given to each client. Lefty Production helps clients through all stages of production from concept to completion. Clients can utilize Lefty Production at stage one or enter somewhere else along the production process. Thanks to Marta for always being a gracious host.”

Jan Ardell
Dena Roy logo

“Working with Lefty has been nothing but an amazing experience! I fully trust in the incredible group of people that work on making my vision a reality. I don’t know if I could be where I am at today without Lefty.”

Kelsey Pedrini

“Lefty Production is terrific to work with. We appreciate their team and are extremely satisfied with the product they made for us. We definitely will be using Lefty Production again in the near future!”  

Hamed Abdelmuti
Maven Woman logo

“I cannot imagine another development and production partner who is as easy to work with, speedy, and accommodating as Lefty. It is a pleasure to have a true partner who takes the time to understand us as a brand and values our vision, aesthetic, and core values. In less than a year of working together we will have dramatically increased our product offerings in a way that I did not think was possible.  As a driven mompreneur juggling many things working with Lefty has made my life much easier. If you are hardworking entrepreneur who values collegiality, excellence, communication, customization, and teamwork look no further!”

Rebecca Ballard

“We've worked with Lefty for years now. The team has taken the lead on the development of nearly all our new products. We care greatly about all the little details and the team at Lefty has worked with us to develop products of the highest standard. We also love how Marta runs things like a family operation with a genuine concern for her customers.”

Philip Ayler Logo

“Much of our success can be traced back to Lefty Productions. The Lefty team have proven to be excellent partners.”

Philip Ayler
Santa Monica College Logo

“There is nothing like finding a company -  whose mission, ethics, flexibility, inclusivity, sustainable practice and forward-thinking goals - makes you proud to know and suggest to colleagues and students - our future fashion professionals. Giving a chance to new designers in the marketplace is the business model all entrepreneurs should follow...but few do. Marta Miller does.”

Lorrie Ivas

The clothing manufacturing partner you can count on.

We ensure quality service and beautiful products

Our clothing production clients include large department stores, online retailers, major labels and independent brands in America and around the world. We develop and produce womens, mens and childrens wear, and specialize in swimwear, active wear and athleisure styles. We can also help you with hair accessories, leather goods, handbags and home textiles in addition to all of your garment and apparel production needs.

No matter what your product vision may be, our highly skilled Los Angeles accessories and clothing factory has the expertise to bring your fashion vision to life, right here in the USA.


Lefty Highlights

We regularly speak to students at fashion programs including FIDM and Santa Monica College and offer them tours of our facility.
We made the official uniforms for Season 2 of NBC's Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge!
Espress yourself!
These personalized bomber jackets were spotted on celebs everywhere.
We made the official Guns N' Roses tour bomber jackets.
We also made the official uniforms for Season 2 of Netflix's Ultimate Beastmaster!
Our sketch artists can help bring your vision to life.
We were so proud to be included in the prize package for winner of Project Runway Junior Season 2.
Check out the pajamas we made for the world famous Beverly Hills Hotel!
We've got you covered every step of the way.
We can also produce a variety of bags and accessories.
Our incredible client, Mimi The Label, all over!
It was such an honor to have our services included in the official prize package for the second season of Project Runway Junior!
We also made the official team athletic uniforms for Netflix's Ultimate Beastmaster Season 2! We loved creating unique looks for teams from USA, China, India, Italy, Spain and France!
Christian loves our laser cutter!
Lefty now offers intricate laser cutouts!
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