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When starting a fashion label or clothing factory in France, there are a thousand ways to go wrong, but also about a million more ways to get it right.

France’s Fashion Industry in Numbers

Despite recent economic difficulties and other social setbacks, France’s fashion and apparel industry remains one of the most successful ones in the global market. Fashion manufacturing in France also generates the largest revenue in all of the EU’s fashion markets.  

At the moment, France’s fashion industry is worth 150 billion Euros—including 33 billion Euros earned from exports—and accounts for 2.7 per cent of the country’s GDP.  Moreover, the apparel manufacturing companies in France provide up to 1 million jobs making the fashion industry a major hub for economic growth.  

While France’s fashion industry boasts several segments, the largest one seems to be apparel which has an incredible market value that exceeds 8 billion USD. From apparel pattern makers to apparel manufacturing companies—these few are the ones that have successfully cracked the fashion code in France.

And if you’re wondering what sells best when it comes to apparel in France, it’s undoubtedly womenswear. More than half of the overall sales in the apparel sector are for womenswear, both domestically and abroad. So, one can’t really go wrong with a clothing factory in France that makes womenswear, can they?  

The Fashion Capital’s Impressive Impact on Global Fashion Trends

France’s impressive fashion game goes all the way back to the 17th century and to King Louis XIV’s exquisite tastes. One of his royal moves was to nationalize the textile industry, from then on French fashion has remained absolutely regal—quite literally.  

However, it has taken several decades and numerous clothing manufacturers in France for the fashion trends to transition from exclusive royalty to a mass popular appeal. But through it all, the fashion world has always been ruled by The French.  

Some of the most impressive names in the fashion industry are those of leading French designers and clothing manufacturers. They set the trends for the rest of the world—from what colours are hot in a particular year to what’s last season—most of the fashion industries take their cues from the French.  

Moreover, the Paris Fashion Week which has been held every year since 1973 in Paris is the biggest fashion week in the world, attracting fashion enthusiasts from around the world including celebrities, fashion manufacturers, media personalities, models and top designers. It essentially sets the tone for the global fashion industry. And it’s worth noting, that some of the biggest names in the fashion industry are from this city—you could be one of them too!  
When one thinks about fashion and clothing manufacturers, the first thing that comes to mind is Paris and its age-old reputation as the fashion world’s capital.  From the annual Fashion week to some of the leading fashion manufacturers and designers of the world, France is home to the entities that define and dictate the rules of the fashion and apparel industry to the rest of the world.
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The Impact of Fashion on France Itself

Fashion is everything in French society. From the culture to the county’s economic landscape—everything remotely important is linked to the fashion industry.  

But for the general population, fashion is more than just jobs in apparel manufacturing companies or OOTDs. Fashion’s significance here goes beyond the monetary and modern digital appeal. Here, fashion is regarded as a personal expression of one’s true self. It is basically a beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern.  

This also explains why a lot of well-established and upcoming fashion manufacturers in France place special focus on creativity and uniqueness rather than consumer-ship and common trends from around the world.  

The apparel pattern making in France is out of this world and one incredible reason for this is that when one’s part of the French fashion industry, there are no rules that one is bound to follow when it comes to fashion. This in turn leads to unrestrained and incomparable craftsmanship.

Your Time to Shine in France’s Fashion Industry

Your fashion sense is a tool of expression and entering the French fashion scene as a fashion manufacturer is the best way to exercise it. As the fashion capital of the world, the global market always has its sight set on France when it comes to fashion. Naturally, that gives you full exposure and a chance to shine.  

But that being said, France’s incomparably large fashion industry means that there’s tons of competition out there waiting for you. To truly make your mark, you need to do things right. 

This means, that from garment sample making to fabric design consultations and garment sewing, everything needs to be on point.  To become a leading fashion label in France—you need to partner up with the best apparel manufacturing companies you can find. And truth be told, it looks like you’ve found the perfect partner i.e. Us!

All the Ways Lefty Production Co. Can Help

As one of the leading fashion development houses based in the US—we’ve spread out our services on a global scale. So, whether you’re in need of garment pattern makers in France or clothing factories to help with it all—we’ve got you! 

With our years of experience in the fashion business, we’re well-equipped to help your fashion label with everything from sketching and design, to sourcing, branding, pattern making, fitting, production, packing and even marketing!  

Our fashion manufacturing experts can help you design the entire line or can provide an initial consultation to get you up to speed with the rest of the fast-paced fashion industry in France. Moreover, we can also help you build a stellar site for the business and provide fabric patterns that can take your line to the next level.  

Our experience covers not only geographical territories but also different segments of the fashion and apparel industry including women and men’s fashion, children wear, fashion accessories, home textile and much more.  

So, whether you’re looking for a fabric design consultation or an apparel manufacturing company in France—we’re it!
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