Lefty Production Co. provides a wide range of accessories that can be customized and personalized. Brand names and logos can be added to a variety of bags, wallets, passport holders, luggage tags and other soft accessories. We can also engrave metal accessories like lighters, flasks and letter openers and apply artwork to glass drinkware!

Personalization is all the rage these days–from clothes and jewelry to accessories and mobile phones, everyone wants a custom piece. Top designers working with us can help you design the concept and bring your ideas to life! Whether you want engravings, name tags, or logos added, Lefty Production Co. is your one-stop solution for personalized accessories and merch.

Looking for a way to get your in-demand products customized? We’re here to help you meet your customers’ demand for personalized accessories. Get full creative control through our unique and trendy designs–we can adjust our production processes according to your needs.

Whether you’re an emerging brand or introducing a new line, we love working with creative people and entrepreneurs. Our decades of experience combined with your artistic talents will help us create products that will attract the right audiences to your brand.

Lefty Production Co. celebrates creativity, unique identities, and everyone’s passions. With skilled manufacturers and designers who work hard to exceed your expectations, you’re guaranteed to get hooked on our premium-quality products! All of this and more at the best prices, without cutting any corners.

We can customize your merch line and various glassware to make it more exciting! Give us different artworks, logos, and illustrations, and we’ll apply them to your products. If you’re worried about the quality, you can check out our samples. We use only the finest materials that are completely sustainable, and our craftspeople are the best at what they do.  

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