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Work with one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the US

The clothing and fashion industry in the US is one of the largest in the world. Hundreds of thousands of businesses operating at multiple scales are currently serving American markets, and it's unsurprising that so many businesses work with external garment manufacturers and outsource production to save on costs.  

After all, it's not ideal or really possible for dozens of small businesses to set up their own factories, production, and manufacturing workshops and have the resources needed for mass-producing clothing. Lefty Production Co. is one of the leading clothing manufacturing companies in the US that works with many of these businesses to develop and produce all sorts of clothing and apparel. 

They work with clients who create athletic wear, fashion clothing, bridal outfits, and much more. Their services are expansive and serve a wide range of industries and niche services within fashion and clothing, and you have a chance to collaborate with them too!  

Work with this incredible American clothing factory to develop and launch your very own clothing range, as they help you along every step of the way. From sourcing the right fabrics and materials to designing the actual clothes and seeing the entire line through the development and prototyping process, they go so far as to help you launch your items online too.  

It's an exciting business opportunity and one that many small and mid-sized businesses would be lucky to have, given that the company has resources like high-tech, high-precision laser cutting machines that are used for designing, 3D virtual sampling, and experts who specialize in various areas of clothing manufacturing and production. Their designers, web experts, and technical specialists each bring a unique talent and skill to the table, giving clients like you the exciting opportunity to develop and invest in your own fashion range at incredibly competitive rates.  

The best part? They also focus on producing sustainably and following efficient, eco-conscious practices, and based on fairness, which is why they source and manufacture in the US itself.  
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Launch your fashion label with Lefty Production Co.'s services

There's nobody better than Lefty Production Co. to help you launch your fashion label.  It doesn't matter what industry you're tapping into, whether bridal or formal wear, casual fashion, children's wear, swimwear, or other types of fashion clothing—what matters is that Lefty Production Co. is the right clothing manufacturer for you. 

The American clothing factory has helped launched several clothing businesses in the US thanks to their all-encompassing, multi-faceted production and design work. They specialize as apparel pattern makers with high-tech laser cutters and get fashion labels off the ground by helping them create online retail platforms.  

Work with their designers and clothing experts to create unique and fun clothing products, choosing from existing patterns and styles in their directory. You can also bring your own cuts and styles and work with them on developing them and creating 3D samples that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly than typical sampling processes. 

This US-based garment manufacturer uses some of the most advanced yet sustainable production practices to create the most stunning fashion items for their clients, and you can get on board too. Collaborate with them and outsource production to their team, so they can help you create the most incredible products.  

And if you do decide to work with their team to start a line, they can also help you market it. They'll help you build a killer website and eCommerce portal where you can sell these kick-ass products. Schedule an appointment with them here

Whether it's bridals or athletic wear, Left Production Co. can help

Have you ever heard of a fashion manufacturer in the US that creates both bridals AND athletic wear? Well, now you have!  

Lefty Production Co. does it all—and then some.  Not only do they offer an extensive and very versatile range of garment production services, but they also work with businesses to develop and manufacture multiple types of clothing items. This includes swimwear such as bikinis, children's clothing products, men's clothing, women's wear, complete athletic wear items, lingerie, home textile items, leather and handbags, merchandise and custom accessories, and of course, custom bridal wear.  

It's easy to wonder how they manage it all—but they do a fantastic job at all of it. The company has one of the most well-organized, streamlined, and incredibly efficient clothing factories in the US and produces high-end to daily wear items for their clients.  

This allows them to sustainably produce all types of textile products safely and efficiently. Their factories are optimized for minimal wastage and maximum productivity, as they use state-of-the-art technology and production techniques to minimize material waste, paper usage, and other by products. Their digital garment sample-making means it's faster to get clients' approval and get straight to production while still accurately representing the finished product.  

They also help businesses that aspire to be more eco-conscious and eco-friendly by sourcing materials for them, creating more sustainable products, and engaging in fair trade practices and their fashion manufacturing services in the US. 

There's no denying that they are an incredibly foresighted organization and one that is committed to their own principles and beliefs in sustainability, empowering clients to follow suit as well. They enable clients to make the right decision for their businesses by providing them with the right tools, technology, and technical expertise. This includes a manufacturing kit from Factory45 to give them insight into their production process, ideal for clients who aren't familiar with sewn manufacturing.  

They handle everything from start to finish, so all their clients need to do is provide their input and approval without stressing about the logistics, technicalities, quality, or viability.  

Everything that comes out of their clothing factory is a testament to their quality control practices and expertise. Contact them today to set up an appointment.
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