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We LOVE growing companies. It is our favorite part of what we do and we are here to help you grow in any way we can.

Design Consulting

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We’ll talk through your whole creative vision, taking what’s in your head and getting it down on paper. Some clients think of this as “product therapy.”

Fabric & Trim Sourcing

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We have identified prime sources for top-quality fabric at competitive prices. As part of our extended services, our team can guide you through your sourcing journey.

Labelling & Branding

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We will introduce you to some excellent fabric labeling, design and branding material providers for consultation. We can also provide introductions to web development and digital marketing experts as well as talented photographers in Los Angeles.

Embellishment Sourcing

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We work with wonderful and reliable dye houses, wash houses, printing mills, silkscreeners, sublimators and embroiderers.

Technical Sketch

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Our sketch artists will create beautiful hand-drawn and/or CAD digital sketches of your design.


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We can digitally sew your garment in 3D and place it on avatars with a range of body types. You can analyze your garment in motion, observing the fit in intricate detail.

Project Management

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We will assign a dedicated project manager to oversee your development process, ensuring your questions are answered.

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