Lefty Production Co. understands that a good day requires comfortable underwear. Our first priority is always to ensure that every item we produce is comfortable and fits well. We offer lingerie manufacturing solutions for busts, small and large that will attract customers of all shapes and sizes.

Not only will they feel confident, but they’ll look great too. We offer unlimited fabric and trim choices to ensure our clients achieve the look they are going for. Partner with the leading lingerie manufacturers in Los Angeles.

Lefty Production Co. has been operating out of Los Angeles, CA, for decades and has gained sufficient experience in manufacturing and distributing women’s lingerie solutions, underwear, and shapewear. We’ve successfully served retailers based in the US, including Walmart, Ella Moss, and Urban Outfitters. The company’s highly-skilled and trained staff, advanced technology, and drive for creating long-lasting relationships with our customers have helped us create the perfect lingerie.

From providing services to designer brands to budget-friendly stores, one thing we’ve never compromised on is our exceptional quality and competitive prices. The fabric choice, design, and trim are all up to you. Your designs and our commitment to excellence will help us exceed your expectations.

At Lefty Production Co., we’re not just your lingerie manufacturers in Los Angeles but partners in success. With our constant innovations, you can meet the ever-evolving market demands–not everyone can excel in the lingerie industry alone. Creating the perfect lingerie set requires stringent planning and putting various parts together.

Luckily, we have a team of talented craftspeople and designers who are well-versed in perfecting the current trends along with your specifications. From fabric sourcing and material to fitting, sizing, and packaging, we’ll be looking over everything. You can get access to various fabrics, including cotton, polyamide, elastase, and modal.

Lefty Production Co. is offering you modern lingerie manufacturing solutions. Experiment with various styles and learn more about what goes into the production of undergarments. You can also check out our custom-made lingerie prototypes and samples, which ensure quality production.

With our level of quality checks and controls, we are bound to meet your expectations and customer demands. We’ll be keeping you in the loop throughout the manufacturing process, and you will be getting detailed reports of updates at every stage.

Please contact us for a consultation and to discuss your requirements.
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