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UK’s fashion industry has a rich and exciting history. From bowler hats to gowns that dominated season after season—UK’s fashion industry never failed to deliver in the past. But to apparel manufactures in the UK today, fashion is a lot more than society’s expectations and class.  

The fashion industry and apparel manufacturers contribute significantly to the country’s economy. And fashion entrepreneurs, both well-established ones as well as those who have just started out place special focus on creativity, comfort, global trends and the fashion industry’s impact on the environment.  

Be it luxury designers or small-scale clothing manufactures in the UK—there are certain standards that make up the country’s fashion code that need to be followed in order to succeed. 

UK’s Impressive Fashion Industry — How Big Is It Exactly?

UK’s fashion industry is known for its big numbers. Back in the day, the wool trade made up 80 per cent of the country’s exports. Today, the fashion industry’s worth in the UK is about 28 billion pounds, which pretty much makes it the largest creative industry in the UK.  

But besides generating impressive amounts of revenue for the country, the industry including the clothing factories and retails stores generate about 800,000 jobs for the country’s nearly 67 million population as well.  

The London Fashion Week alone is considered a major trade event for the country generating more than 269 million pounds for the UK economy.  

Some of the world’s top designers and apparel manufacturing companies are based in the UK influencing global fashion trends. You could be one of them!

Everything That Makes UK’s Fashion Industry Absolutely Stellar

UK’s fashion industry is one of a kind, and no one can argue with that. From fashion schools to apparel pattern makers, clothing companies, luxury designers, and retailers—every segment of the industry contributes equitably to ensure that UK’s fashion and style stand out.  

Here are a few things worth noting about UK’s fashion if you plan to stand out as a fashion manufacturer in the UK.
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There’s Something for Everyone

When it comes to UK’s fashion, the variety is amazing. Not only does the industry produce a huge range of fashion products as a whole, but there are also products that suit a variety of budgets and personal tastes.

UK’s fashion labels and clothing companies have a way of blending sophisticated and trendy styles to create unique fashion fusions, setting new trends for the rest of the world. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go all out as a budding fashion manufacturer in the UK. You can start small and steady and build your way up with our help!

British Originality and Blinding Professionalism

There is a reason that Britain has risen to become the fashion hub that it is today despite being surrounded by other fashion centres in Europe. And while creativity and design play a huge role—the originality and professionalism displayed by the fashion manufacturers in the UK contribute significantly towards the success.  

Moreover, sustainable fashion—that we strongly advocate for also has its roots in the UK’s fashion industry. Besides sustainability, the industry places special focus on values such as equality and diversity.  

Beautiful Blend of Creativity and Commercialism

In order to fit into the fashion industry in the UK, it’s important to be both creative and commercial. Luckily, with Lefty Production Co. you can launch a label that covers all bases. 

Be it haute couture or high street, we’re the clothing manufacturers that can help ensure that your fashion label looks great and sells well.  

The Incomparable Connection Between Designers and Retailers

One incredible thing about the UK fashion industry is that the designers are closely linked to the retailers which essentially means that everything from the catwalk is easily available to the wider audience.  

With our apparel pattern making in the UK, you can rest assured that your pieces will be fit to be worn by models and those on the British high street.  

Consumer Fashion Trends Seen In the UK

At any given moment, it may seem like everything is trending in the UK. But as you dig deeper, you’ll realize that the British consumer has an ever-evolving taste.  

Luckily, you have us to do the digging for you! As leading fashion manufacturers in the UK, we have a fairly good idea of the most popular consumer fashion trends in the country at the moment.   

With growing awareness, UK’s population is increasingly gravitating towards ethical and sustainable clothing. Environmentally friendly clothing is also one of our specialities, which is what makes us a great apparel manufacturing partner for your label in the UK!   

Moreover, gender-neutral clothing is also all the rage these days, which is something our apparel pattern makers can definitely help you out with.

Build Your Own Fashion Label in the UK with Lefty Production Co. As You Fashion Aide

Launching a fashion label takes a lot of work, especially in a competitive market like the fashion industry in the UK. Having somebody that knows the ins and out of the industry can give you a much-needed edge over the competition.  

As one of the leading clothing manufacturing companies in the UK, we think we can definitely help you out. With our vast experience, we can help you out no matter what segment of the industry you decide to tap into. From luxury wear to street fashion, men’s and women’s wear to a children’s line, our fashion manufacturers can handle it all for you.  

From a fabric design consultation to full-fledge production as well as marketing and postproduction, our company can help you with the entire process of launching a successful fashion label in the UK.  

Our practices are both streamlined and sustainable to ensure that your label is established as efficiently as possible. From developing the initial idea to marketing the final products—we are apparel manufacturers you want by your side when you step into UK’s flourishing fashion scene.   

Lefty Production Co. values high quality and professionalism above everything else. With our clothing manufacturing services, you’re in for quite a ride!
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