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Greg Adams
"The COVID-19 pandemic brought one of the greatest global health care and supply chain crises faced by Kaiser Permanente and other health care organizations around the world. As demand for PPE and medical supplies skyrocketed, our hospital systems were strained as we dealt with supply shortages.

During these unprecedented times, your organization graciously leaned in to lend us a helping hand. Your support, partnership, and collaboration made a difference in our ability to respond to the pandemic. Together, we overcame various challenges and obstacles with agility and innovation in our fight against COVID-19.

It has been an honor and pleasure to work alongside your organization during these extraordinary times. We would like to express our appreciation for all you have done to help Kaiser Permanente safeguard our members, patients, clinicians, and the communities we serve. As a token of our appreciation, please accept our deepest gratitude with the enclosed award plaque."
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Kelsey Pedrini
“Working with Lefty has been nothing but an amazing experience! I fully trust in the incredible group of people that work on making my vision a reality. I don’t know if I could be where I am at today without Lefty.”
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Neil Korf
“Lefty has been absolutely vital in bringing our concepts and designs to fruition since the very beginning of our journey as an emerging apparel brand. From development and sourcing to production and finishing, Marta and the wonderful team at Lefty guided us every step of the way keeping high quality-control standards of paramount importance throughout the entire process. We are as thrilled with the results as we are the experience of working with such a talented and enthusiastic crew.”
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Jan Ardell
“Working with Lefty Production is always a pleasure. I have a great experience each time I bring students to show how "real" production works. Marta Miller has a eager team of players, many of which were former students from various fashion schools in Los Angeles. Touring the factory enforces what we teach in class. The atmosphere is relaxed yet professional with personal attention given to each client. Lefty Production helps clients through all stages of production from concept to completion. Clients can utilize Lefty Production at stage one or enter somewhere else along the production process. Thanks to Marta for always being a gracious host.”
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Joelle Maynard
“As a new brand, Lefty was integral in providing the professionalism and expertise we needed in a production company from start to finish. It was crucial to have a solid partner as we launched our new collection, and we were delighted with their attention to detail and stellar communication. Plus, they are wonderful people to work with!”
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Hamed abdelmuti
“Lefty Production is terrific to work with. We appreciate their team and are extremely satisfied with the product they made for us. We definitely will be using Lefty Production again in the near future!”  
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Rebecca Ballard
“I cannot imagine another development and production partner who is as easy to work with, speedy, and accommodating as Lefty. It is a pleasure to have a true partner who takes the time to understand us as a brand and values our vision, aesthetic, and core values. In less than a year of working together we will have dramatically increased our product offerings in a way that I did not think was possible.  As a driven mompreneur juggling many things working with Lefty has made my life much easier. If you are hardworking entrepreneur who values collegiality, excellence, communication, customization, and teamwork look no further!”
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“We've worked with Lefty for years now. The team has taken the lead on the development of nearly all our new products. We care greatly about all the little details and the team at Lefty has worked with us to develop products of the highest standard. We also love how Marta runs things like a family operation with a genuine concern for her customers.”
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Philip Ayler
“Much of our success can be traced back to Lefty Productions. The Lefty team have proven to be excellent partners.”
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Lorrie Ivas
“There is nothing like finding a company - whose mission, ethics, flexibility, inclusivity, sustainable practice and forward-thinking goals - makes you proud to know and suggest to colleagues and students - our future fashion professionals. Giving a chance to new designers in the marketplace is the business model all entrepreneurs should follow...but few do. Marta Miller does.”
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