Lefty Production Co. provides one-stop shop design, development and manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of soft leather and fabric bags, wallets, passport holders, luggage tags and other soft accessories. Just as with our garment offerings, our team prides itself on staying up-to-date on all the latest purse and accessory trends.  

If you’re looking for ways to personalize your handbags, passports, and other accessories, you’ll need a team of handbag manufacturers. At Lefty Production Co., we believe in timeless products, honesty, and transparency. Working with us guarantees variety and expertise. Our high-quality manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art technology ensure quality production. We’re a top-notch handbag manufacturer in Los Angeles that offers production, design, and development for your brand.

Lefty’s team understands that not all designers and artists have the right resources and tools to establish their brands, and that’s why we provide specialized tools to help you develop your collection. Like most handbag manufacturers, we’ll take care of the sourcing, production, and packaging of your items. We’re sure you’ve got the creative department covered! If you still need help, you can consult our designers, who have decades of experience in the field.

Don’t fret; your unique and special designs are your intellectual property, and you can rely on us for complete non-disclosure. Once you select Lefty Production Co.’s top-of-the-line manufacturing solutions, we’ll discuss what the best design package will be according to your needs. Whether you own a huge designer brand or are looking for a handbag manufacturer in Los Angeles, you can have confidence in our premium quality bags.

Lefty Production Co.’s expertise in proficient product manufacturing and development skills is sure to benefit your company. We’ll carry your project with dedication and confidence.

Reach out to us to discuss the specifications of your products today!
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