Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my purchase? 

Each style sold on our site comes with its own production starter package. In it you will receive digital formats of the following: 

- A fashion illustration of the style you choose 

- A technical flat representation of the style 

- Both a DXF and PDF version of the graded patterns for your style in sizes XS-L for women’s swim or XS-XL for men’s swim. 

- A technical package including a pattern card and all basic specifications of the style. 

How will I get the files?

The files will be emailed to you in a zip folder within 7 to 10 business days of your purchase.  

Will I be receiving anything in physical format?

No, all files will be sent digitally within a few business days. If you want Lefty Production Co. to print a marker for you, please email us and we can bill you separately for this service. 

Can I use either a MAC or PC?

Yes. You can use either a MAC or a PC.

What are your payment terms?

You will pay for the patterns through our website store with a credit card. Just like you would on any other site where you shop online. 

Are any returns or exchanges allowed?

No. Once you receive the files you will not be allowed to choose a different file as at that time you will have access to the files. Once files are sent you cannot request a refund or a different file to be sent. Also, please save files as the files will only be sent once.

What is a DXF file?

A DXF file is a CAD (computer-aided design) data file, which can be opened with pattern making software.  Most manufacturers have pattern software and this is a universal file format for most factories around the world.

What pattern software do you use? 

Lefty Production Co. is a Tuka Center.   We LOVE Tukatech and their pattern making software.   They also have lots of online tutorials so you can become your own pattern maker!

How can I get my pattern printed?

Virtually all manufacturers as well as FEDEX locations have plotter that can print your pattern file for you.   We will provide you with a PDF version of your file that is scaled and can be printed from a home printer. 

What size paper do I need to print digital patterns?

Our tiled digital patterns are designed to print well on either US Letter or A4 paper. As always, remember to check the test square before beginning work.

Patterns also include wide format files that can be taken to a local copy shop and printed on a single sheet of paper. The “wide” format will print on 36 inch paper rolls.

What if my local copy shop won't print my digital pattern?

We’ve heard some reports that, on rare occasions, office supply stores or copy shops such as FedEx Office are refusing to print our digital patterns for customers, citing copyright concerns.

This page should serve as sufficient permission: Owners of Lefty Production Co. Digital Patterns have permission to print a copy for personal use.

If your local shop is refusing to print your patterns, directing them to this page will hopefully clear things up.

What sizes will I be getting?

Our graded patterns include sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

Will I be able to go straight into production?

Definitely not. The fabric you choose matters a lot. Please test the files with the fabric of your choice before proceeding to a bulk production run.

Can I use the same pattern to cut in different fabrics?

You can but depending on the difference between factors like stretch or weight you will have a difference in fit and is recommended to be tested prior to production runs.

Will the pattern I buy definitely fit with any fabric I choose?

We built these pattern files as blocks. PLEASE make sure to sample the patterns with the fabric of your choice as ALL fabrics have qualities that cause them to drape differently. Your pattern might need to be altered for your specific fabric.

Will I be able to work with Lefty Production Co. after I buy a pattern?  

If you would like Lefty Production Co. to assist you with your samples and production, we would love to provide you a quote. Please schedule a call with us to discuss.  Buying a pattern does not guarantee we can develop or produce for you.

If I wanted to expand my style to add more design details than what is offered, could I do that with Lefty Production Co.?

Yes. But that would be a custom project and you would schedule a call with us to discuss. Lefty Production Co. offers development services that would be a separate charge from your initial order.

Can you make a sample for me?

If you are interested in Lefty Production Co. sampling and producing for you please schedule a meeting with us. We would love to bring your vision to life! Please schedule a call with us to discuss. Buying a pattern does not guarantee we can develop or produce for you.

What made Lefty Production Co. want to offer patterns at such great prices?

Our goal is always to make the garment creation process as easy as possible for our clients. These particular patterns are the most commonly requested styles, so we decided to offer them off-the-shelf so that designers and brands can take a shortcut through the development process and save their money for production! When COVID -19 hit and so many people became unemployed, people wanted to believe in their own vision and become an entrepreneur. This is our way of helping through a pandemic and allowing people to follow their dreams with less expense. These patterns can also serve as a base from which you can tailor new styles to realize your unique vision.

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