3 Reasons Why Domestic Apparel Manufacturing Is Gaining Traction In The U.S.

November 25, 2016

Offshore manufacturing is common in the apparel industry. A large number of big businesses depend on factories in China, Bangladesh or Vietnam for their production.

This is primarily because domestic apparel manufacturing is not as cheap for large apparel businesses that place large enough orders to go abroad.

However, there has been a noticeable changing trend in recent years. with ‘Made in USA’ becoming a major marketing positive.

Why are apparel businesses moving toward domestic manufacturing?

Necessary for New and Smaller Companies

Newer and smaller fashion companies can’t place minimums large enough to work with foreign factories.  When they do try to produce overseas, they are often taken advantage of.  Younger brands also benefit from having somebody in the United States to work with on a regular basis who can provide a higher level of customer service.  With businesses popping up on Instagram and Facebook, there are many new designers building fashion businesses.

Saves time

One of the greatest benefits of domestic production is shorter lead times. Be it bridal wear, active wear or swimwear, the demand for various types of apparel products changes frequently.

Although several factors affect product demand, business owners need to respond to these demanded design changes immediately.

Re-shoring allows apparel companies to respond to changes in product demand faster. This results in enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

Decreased shipping issues

Apparel manufacturers can’t afford late product deliveries. Of course, finding a reliable domestic manufacturer who can deliver on time also takes extensive research.

Offshoring apparel manufacturing comes with countless shipping problems. In some cases, companies have shut down due to late deliveries.

Meanwhile, having a domestic production facility saves the high cost of shipping overseas.

Made in the USA

According to Morning Consult’s poll, 84 percent of registered voters prefer US-made products to foreign made items.

Made in the USA branding generates customers’ interest and loyalty. It also signifies quality, which is why many designers have been re-shoring their production to improve their brands’ perceived values.

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