Why Multiple Samples Are Better Than One

December 28, 2016

Many designers make the mistake of producing a single sample. Although it costs more to produce more than one sample, multiple samples can help with an apparel brand’s marketing efforts.

Marketing plays an integral role in the fashion industry. Be it new or experienced, every designer needs to focus on marketing their product to create substantial customer interest.

Here’s why you need to have multiple samples:

Share with tastemakers

You need extra samples so that you can provide some to tastemakers. Tastemakers influence the current and coming fashion trends and styles. They connect with people of all ages, races and nationalities.

Giving out a sample to a tastemaker is a huge opportunity to generate interest for your collection.

Display in showrooms

Independent showrooms are a useful part of the business. It’s an effective way to get your product in the market if you find a showroom that wants to work with your brand.

If you want to promote your collection and get feedback from buyers, you can provide product samples to showrooms.

Share with publicists

If you want press coverage for your fashion collection, you need to send samples to your publicist. Magazine editors want to have a first-hand look at your product. They want to feel and experience it themselves before selling it to readers.

So, make sure you spend money on producing a sample for your publicist if you have one.

Share with celebrities

Sending samples to celebrities will help bring a spotlight to your collection if they love am wear them. Target celebrities whom you think can represent your brand well. It’s important to select influential trendsetters who have a substantial fan following.

Once you send the sample, follow up with the celebrity’s PR team to confirm if they received it.
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