Clothing Pattern Making 101

August 30, 2016

Pattern making is one of the basic processes in apparel manufacturing. It’s a crucial step, and it holds the key to creating an outstanding garment. Garment fitting and appearance depend on this process. It’s really important for designers to work with skilled, experienced pattern makers.

Read on to find out more about the process:

Pattern making – What you need to know

The pattern maker will make a beginning pattern, based off of specifications or your inspiration garment. Then, once the pattern is perfected, it’s cut for a sample. Surprisingly, the cause of poor quality clothing is typically inferior quality pattern making rather than bad sewing. That’s why patterns can make or break any garment.

Top tips to avoid a bad pattern

As a designer, you need to work personally with your pattern designer. Explain what you have envisioned. Details matter – provide them with as much product information as you possibly can. Explain specific details about product design, size, fabrics and trims. Define your target customer. 

Know your collection

Before meeting with a clothing pattern maker, brainstorm product ideas. Put them down on paper so that you don’t forget anything later.  Find pictures similar to your ideas.

Although a reputable pattern maker will make sure that you supply key information, you need to spend time doing research for your product.

Conduct thorough research on fabrication, fit and specifications. Check out a competitor’s clothing line to get some inspiration. For successful patternmaking results, it’s pivotal to research your product and offer detailed information to the pattern maker.

Most importantly, make sure to select skilled, patient and honest patternmakers. At Lefty Production Co., we offer reliable and efficient clothing pattern making in Los Angeles, California. For further information, don’t hesitate to call us at (713) 385-7250.

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