The Significance Of Apparel Sampling

September 30, 2016

Sample making and production is at the core of making a fabulous garment. Before you kickstart the apparel manufacturing process, you need to get a sample made just the way you like it. A sample is a prototype of your product. It can make or break the fit and feel of your look.

The sample is the template for your product. The process determines the size, fabric, fit and trims of the product. So, apparel sampling is, hands down, one of the most vital parts of the entire process and you want to be sure you work with highly skilled crafts people who have years of experience.

But, creating the perfect sample or prototype can be the most frustrating and painful part of the development process. It can take time and effort to make the necessary revisions as samples can take a few tries to get right. Here are some tips, tricks and tools to do it right:

Determine the sample fitting and size

Although there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ rule here, the sample size and fit should be appropriate for your target audience. For example, swimsuit fit specifications and coat specifications are very different.

You want to work with sample makers who are skilled with your type of garment.

Work out initial specs

Specs are initial garment measurements. Your pattern maker will need garment specs, such as body length and much more. Make sure to discuss the fabric type, thickness and quality, as well as any embellishments or trims that you will use. All these factors will affect your garment’s measurements.

Organize all supplies

Gather all essential garment fabrics, trims and other supplies. Provide them to the sample room to keep the apparel manufacturing process organized.

Understanding all these different varieties of samples and choices can overwhelm new designers. That’s why you need the professional support from a committed, honest and experienced apparel manufacturing facility based here in the USA, such as Lefty Production Co.

Lefty Production Co. is a premiere domestic apparel factory in America. Based in LA, the apparel manufacturer has extensive experience in the fashion business offering domestic fashion design, pattern making, sample making, production and much more.

The company develops and produces women’s, men’s and children's wear; and specializes in swimwear, active wear and athleisure styles. Lefty Production Co. also designs and manufactures hair accessories, leather goods, handbags and home textiles.

The company works with designers, fashion brands and retailers of all varieties and sizes and loves working with new designers and entrepreneurs.

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