Brand vs. product – What should designers focus on?

January 10, 2017

The fashion industry is an incredibly tough business to break into. With massive market competition, many designers won’t make it.

In order to sustain themselves, successful designers need to focus on building their brands right from day one.

Brand image is just as important as creating a quality product in the fashion industry. Every new designer must work towards building a ‘brand image’ for his or her product in the market.

Significance of brand building

Fashion trends and styles keep changing. A strong brand gives you a lasting competitive advantage in the ever-changing industry.

Your brand represents what your business stands for. This doesn’t just mean designing and manufacturing beautiful clothes. Your brand is not your product.

Your brand is the long-term relationship that you build with your customer. A customer will buy your product once, but they will stick to your brand for years.

When new designers start off, they often spend most of their time creating the perfect product, which of course is extremely important, but won’t build your company for the long haul.

Although marketing apparel brands can be challenging, it is necessary to do so.

Strategies to build a strong brand identity:

Define your brand strategy

What does your brand stand for? What does it promise to deliver to customers? What are your core business values and vision?

These questions help you define a clear brand strategy.

What’s your point of difference?

Next step, evaluate what makes your brand different from your competitors. Focus on your brand’s unique selling points.

Tell your brand story

Every brand has a story. Tell your story in a clear, concise and engaging manner. This will help you define your content strategy.

Importantly, your brand should have some consistency and reflect your personality.

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