Some Amazing Garment Sewing Secrets

October 23, 2017

From a skewed hemline to a stray thread, any slight imperfection in a final product can ruin your creative idea.    

Garment sewing is the most crucial aspect of garment production. Nothing may go wrong as far as garment sewing is concerned.

Needlework is an art – the more you practice it, the better you get. As experts in the field, we at lefty Production Co. know a thing or two about needlecraft.

Here are some tried and tested garment sewing tips that our professionals want to share with you. Read on:

Prewash the Fabric

It is always a good idea to prewash fabrics. This not only ensures that stubborn creases and wrinkles have evened out, but also prevents the fabric from unexpected shrinkage later on.

For interfacing pieces, it is a good idea to steam-shrink. When ironing, you can use a spray to add moisture.   

Stitch over the Exposed Seams to Prevent Fraying

After you have cut pattern pieces and applied interfacing, it is a good idea to stitch over the exposed seams to add a fine finishing touch. The best places to overcast are sides and hems.

For decorative purposes, you can use a stylish and colorful thread. This will give a creative touch to the final piece.

Thoroughly Understand Sewing Machine’s Feed Dogs

Your sewing machine contains metal teeth that come directly under the needle. As you continue sewing, they simultaneously move along taking a firm grip on the fabric to create a high-quality stitch.

The best approach of sewing seams is to move from bottom to top. As you move towards the top, the feed dogs ensure that the seam stays flat across all edges.

Use Rolled Hem Presser

To create a perfectly rolled hem, use the presser foot of your sewing machine deftly. Using rolled hems can help you create precise rolled hems on shirts and skirts. This approach is more suitable for lightweight materials, like chiffons and charmeuse. Make sure that all your measurements are up to the mark.

Use New Needles

This is quite a common tip but many people tend to neglect it. Every time you start a new project, it is important that you take a new needle. This ensures that each penetration inside the fabric is clean. A new needle also helps prevent skipped stitches and unevenness.

Finally, before you start sewing, make sure you have checked the performance of thread.

We at Lefty Production Co. are a team of highly experienced fashion craftspeople. From garment patternmaking  to garment sewing, our domestic apparel factory Los Angeles performs all kinds of clothing manufacturing functions. Over the years, we have provided just the right type of apparel to fashion brands across the United States. Contact us to learn more.

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