Evolution of Activewear – How Fitness Has Become a Thing in Fashion

October 7, 2017

Remember Marilyn Monroe in her short-sleeved sweater? Well, you would be surprised to know that she wore it to Yoga.

From simple, form-fitting tops to modern sports bras and velour track jackets, we have come a long way as far as activewear is concerned.

One of the major reasons for this is that sportswear clothing has been adopted at the workplace and therefore, has become a major part of people’s wardrobes. Difficult to imagine just a few years back, the shift towards casual has happened quickly and is here to stay.

Why Activewear Is Regarded as a Game-Changing Trend

Some analysts of the fashion industry believed that activewear was just a fad and that it would not last very long. However, they have been proved wrong time and again.

Activewear has continued to show massive progress. Last year, the athleisure industry was worth a whopping $97 billion.

Fitness is no longer just a hobby for people – it’s a way of life. They want to incorporate it in every aspect of their lives, be it workplaces or social gatherings.

From yoga centers to universities, high-end athletic gear is all around us.

How Fashion Brands are Adapting to Athleisure

More and more fashion brands are adding a separate activewear category to their clothing lines. Some of the big brands include H&M, Juicy Couture, Old Navy, Free People, etc. According to Fashionista, e-tailer Net-a-porter also wants to join in the athleisure trend.

Big brands in fashion have always been influenced by street style. Activewear is a way for them to  introduce themselves to a whole new market. Sports jerseys and track pants have also been a part of major fashion runways.

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