Pattern Making Basics for Fashion Designers

November 21, 2017

Pattern making is the most important step in the design and development of a garment. Put simply, a pattern is a blueprint for a designer’s final product.

Designers should have a pattern well prior to the manufacturing process. The pattern is used to create a sample, which leads to the manufacturing process.

Pattern Making Methods

Pattern making is a highly skilled technique. Developing the perfect pattern requires the knowhow, expertise and experience of a specialized pattern maker.

Designers must work personally with their garment pattern maker Los Angeles to produce quality garments. It’s critical that you know your product and provide your pattern maker detailed information about it. This includes information regarding product design, size, fabric, trims and so on. Another useful tip is to give your pattern maker a tech pack or a technical sketch of the product.

The more information you give about your product, your target audience and competitors, the greater the likelihood a pattern maker will create a pattern that meets your creative vision.

Here are the most widely used pattern making methods:


Drafting is the simplest way to prepare patterns. It involves the use of a brown paper and a pencil to note down measurements. A person’s body measurements (chest, waist, hip, shoulders, and more) and proportions are marked on a brown paper.  At the same time, lines are drawn to complete the pattern.


Draping is another common pattern making technique. It was the original method of developing garment patterns. A two-dimensional fabric piece is draped around a figure to create a pleasing fit.  Muslin cloth is used.

This method is allows designers to see the overall design and fitting effecting of the finished garment on a body, before the final product is sewn.


This method is used to produce a basic pattern. It starts with a sloper. In addition, five pattern pieces are used for creating women’s garments.

But, as fashion changes, slopers are manipulated to cater to changing needs.

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