Apparel Making: 4 Core Design Elements You Need To Focus on

December 1, 2017

From sketching the draft to making aesthetic changes at the last minute, designing apparel requires dedication, an eye for style and patience. There’s more work that goes into the pre-production process than what meets the eye.

For high quality designs, it’s imperative to pay attention to the details. Meticulous attention to each and every pattern and design is essential for those in the fashion industry.

The pre-production process includes revising concepts, re-sketching designs, and sampling. Here are 4 core design elements that are imperative to consider when designing clothing:

  • The Colors

Imagine living in a world without colors. A world without prismatic shades is sad to imagine. Consumers respond to colors before they look at the design.

Garments that lack a colorful appeal are often rejected before the design is even considered. It’s important to know how color combinations work so that your design attracts the attention of your clientele.

  • Fabric

It’s important to take into consideration the type of fabric you choose to use. This will determine the quality of your apparel. If the fabric you choose is of poor quality, the garment will probably fail no matter what other ideas you’ve built into it.

  • Line

The line refers to the seam lines that hold the fabric of the apparel together. However, there are different types of ‘lines’ in fashion designing lingo.

Asymmetrical lines, horizontal lines, and vertical lines are the three types every fashion designer should be aware of. Depending on the placement, these lines can either complement a figure or make it look unappealing.

  • Silhouette/Shape

The shapes created by designers are imperative in order to become successful in the fashion world. In the fashion world, the shapes of clothes depend on the latest trends and designs.

But the basic idea with every shape is that it should complement the human body. Many designers use models and mannequins as the basis of designing the shapes they want to create.

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