How To Effectively Communicate Your Designs to A Factory

December 25, 2017

Product design is one of the key initial steps in the garment manufacturing process. A well-thought out design can give your product a competitive edge. An effective way to achieve the perfect product design is by maintaining open communication with your factory. As a fashion designer, it’s absolutely crucial that you clearly communicate your design ideas to a factory so that the final product comes out the way you envisioned it.

Here are some factors to consider when communicating your design ideas to your factory:

Think about trims

Factories usually receive design illustrations from designers. Many designers emphasize the fabric only. Along with the fabric, the trims and buttons are just as important. If your product has trims and buttons, they should be part of the design equation.

Submit a tech pack

Manufacturing clothes is a complex process. At any stage, a factory might make errors that could jeopardize production. This is why factories need a tech pack from designers.

A tech pack is a design specification sheet. This document contains all the information your factory needs to transform your design idea into a reality. 

Your factory will get every detail of your product via the tech pack. It covers the material, measurements, color, trim, labels and tags, and more, of your product. The more detailed and specific the tech pack, the higher the likelihood that a factory can prevent errors and translate a designer’s vision accurately.

Provide a good reference

Factories make product samples based on what clients give them. This is why you need to submit either a similar garment or a visual reference to your factory.

A screenshot or photo, a sketch or a link to a competitor’s product will help give the factory a clear idea of what you are looking for.

Source materials on time

Sourcing of material is crucial to garment production. Timely sourcing prevents production delays.

Your garment manufacturer Los Angeleswon’t start working until they have all the materials. Make sure you have a proper supply of fabric and trims for production.  

Ask questions

Along with providing your factory every detail, ask them what they want from you. Many manufacturers have questions regarding production pricing and timeline. Be honest about pricing and deadline.

At Lefty Production Co, we know how stressful and daunting finding an honest manufacturing partner can be. From our years in the fashion business, we have learned our lessons the hard way.

In a competitive fashion industry, designers need a partner they can count on. This is why we are honest with our clients about deadlines and costing.

As a full-service design, development, clothing production company Los Angeles, Lefty Production Co., provides pattern-making, sample making, cutting, sewing, finishing, packing and more! Our specialties include men’s wear, women’s wear, maternity, home goods, accessories, swimwear, children's wearand more. We accept large and small orders and have no minimum order requirement for clients who develop their garments with us.

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