The Difference Between Pattern Making and Sample Making

December 28, 2017

Apparel manufacturing is an intricate process consisting of several steps. The process starts with ideation, which is followed by pattern making, material sourcing, sample making, marking and grading and production, to name a few of the major steps.

Although each step is extremely crucial for manufacturing, pattern making and sample making have a make or break effect on clothes.

Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about pattern making and sample making:

Pattern making

Pattern making involves the creation of a two-dimensional template from which garments components can be traced, cut and sewn.

Once you have clear idea about your product, you will work with a pattern maker to develop a pattern.  A pattern is a blueprint or template for any product. It will define your garment and ensure that your product idea can become a physical fabric shape. The key to a stunning, well-fitting and quality garment lies in pattern making.

After making a pattern, you can then create a sample. The sample will then help you kick start manufacturing.

In order to get a pattern made, you will need assistance from a skilled, experienced pattern maker. Submit a tech pack or a technical sketch to the pattern maker. The tech pack should consist of detailed information, including spec information, fabrications and construction methods.

Be sure to give the clothing pattern maker accurate, complete information about your product (size, design, etc.) and target audience in order to ensure successful results.

Sample making

A sample is needed before mass production of all types of garment. Generally speaking, the basic purpose of a sample is to allow designers to evaluate and test the appearance, size, fitting and feel of a product before full scale manufacturing. As a result, designers can make changes to the sample so that production goes smoothly.

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