Everything You Need To Know About Swimwear Manufacturing

February 17, 2017

Creating a swimwear collection entails a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It’s an exciting but challenging process. From sourcing to fitting, these are the main steps that go into manufacturing a swimwear collection:

Sourcing fabric

Finding the right type of fabric for your collection can be tricky. If you’re considering buying a thin fabric you’ll need to ensure that it provides proper support. On the other hand, a very thick fabric shouldn’t feel heavy and constraining.

Check the fabric quality, weight, elasticity and breathability. Use your hands to touch the fabric and get a feel of its texture. Also, stretch the fabric in both directions to gauge its elasticity.  A high quality fabric’s appearance won’t change after stretching. Nylon, spandex (lycra) and polyester are the most popular swimwear fabrics.

Another significant consideration is the color of the swimsuit. Stick to colors that complement your brand and connect with your target audience. Make sure that the color you choose doesn’t fade easily.

Sourcing trim

Although metal is a common choice for swimsuit trims, it can feel hot on the skin in bright sunlight. Consider plastic options as well.


Fitting is the single most important and challenging part of swimwear manufacturing. A small mishap with fitting can change the appearance of your product.  

Women look for flattering swimsuits that suit their body shapes. Your swimsuit should provide adequate coverage and feel comfortable. You may need to have a few extra fitting samples to pick the best one. Try the samples on women of different sizes. You may need to adjust the fitting a few times.

Cut and sew

Working with an experienced manufacturer is crucial to ensure you receive top quality swimsuits.

Not every garment manufacturer LAhas the technical expertise to cut and sew swimwear. It’s an incredibly delicate, intricate type of clothing.

Make sure you choose a manufacturing company that specializes in swimwear development and production. Ask them to show you product samples before you place an order.

Lefty Production Co. is your go-to swimwear manufacturer LA. From design, development, fabric and trim sourcing to production and packing, we take care of all aspects of your swimwear collection.  

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