Importance of Sketching in Fashion Design

March 10, 2017

From highly advanced software allowing perfectly crafted digital illustrations to 3D-printed clothing items, technology has completely transformed the field of fashion designing.

However, no matter how sophisticated the design process becomes, most fashion designers would agree that there is something amazing about the good old pencil and sketchbook.

For some, sketching may get their creative juices flowing; while for others, it may be a chance for them to pitch new ideas to the clients.

No matter what the reason, sketching is a crucial component of the fashion design process. Let’s take a look at some more reasons why:

It Allows You to Experiment with Different Ideas

The creative process demands that experimentation be done and mistakes be made. Sketching gives you a sort of freedom to draw virtually any fashion design that comes to your mind.

It is through the process of repeatedly searching for ideas that you will eventually have a spark – the Eureka moment.    

It Ensures Better Communication between You and the Client

Your design’s sketch may be the first thing that is shown to your client or buyer. You want to be sure that you are on the same page with the client. A good first drawing can get the client interested in your work.

It Helps Improve Your Final Design With Minutest of Details

While sketching, you have ultimate control over the design details of the clothing piece. From tiny buttons to patterns on sleeves, you can change, manipulate and revamp anything you want quickly.

It Helps You Develop a Characteristic Style

Spending time on sketching will give you a better understanding of design elements and help you develop your own unique style. You can draw multiple styles to create a cohesive collection.

It Will Save You Money

High-quality sketches will ensure your development house and domestic apparel manufacturer LAunderstands your vision and can execute it properly. Visual examples reduce the chances of miscommunication and can often help better express what you want to create.

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