6 Latest Trends in Fashion Design

March 2, 2017

With the advent of digital technology, the fashion industry is evolving. From how designs are made to how products are purchased, quite a few changes have been made in the past decade.

We at Lefty Production Co. have outlined 6 of the latest trends for fashion enthusiasts:

Smart Tailoring

This new and innovative technique, smart tailoring, can enhance fabric efficiency by 15 percent. It involves attaching computers to a loom and entering exact data regarding color, shape, size and pattern of the clothing piece to be made. With weaving, fabric cutting and patterning carried out at the same time, smart tailoring can not only save fabrics, but also help cut down energy consumption.   

Advanced Online Shopping Tools

One of the biggest problems that online clothing merchants face is product returns. From the clothing item fit to aesthetic appearance, there are a variety of reasons why shoppers ask for returns or replacement.

A few online tools are being developed that can dramatically decrease return rates. These tools will match the measurements and preferences of customers to specific products.  

Visual Search

More and more fashion brands are developing visual search elements in their apps and websites. Visual searches allow users to search by selecting colors, shapes, sizes and proportions.  

Interactive Offline Shopping

It is expected that brick and mortar stores will also become technological. More and more clothing shops will incorporate elements, such as kiosks and hand-held scanners.

Moreover, with advances in Virtual Reality (VR), shoppers in brick and mortar will be able to easily try different clothing items and get live, real-time feedback from their friends and family members.

Digital Printing

Digital printing technique has been implemented by many numerous fashion brands. In this process, prints are directly applied on fabrics using printers. It can significantly reduce consumption of water and energy and decrease textile waste.

Big Data Implementation

The constant improvements in real-time analytics have helped fashion brands make better production and merchandizing decisions. From posts shared to images liked, big data will allow players in the industry to have meaningful and timely insights about their target customers’ behaviors.

Being a fashion-forward company, we at Lefty Production Co. keep ourselves updated on the latest trends in fashion design. From garment patternmaking LAto clothing manufacturing LA, we specialize in all aspects of the fashion production process.

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