A Step-By-Step Guide of the Cloth Manufacturing Process

March 6, 2017

The process involves designing, cutting and sewing garments from fabrics, but there are many steps along the way.   

We at Lefty Production Co. provide a step-by-step guide to the garment manufacturing process:

Designing or Sketching

The garment manufacturing process starts with rough sketches or designs of the clothing items. A few ideas are drawn on paper or on a computer. These designs are analyzed and a few of them are chosen.

Pattern Designing

After a rough sketch has been selected, it is time for the pattern maker to draft a pattern over the clothing item. This is done to create the blueprint of the garment.

Creating Spec Sheets

Spec sheets include measurement details of the particular clothing style that the manufacturer is looking to create. It is also important for marking and grading into various sizes later on in the process.

Sample Making

As the name suggests, sample making is the process of producing a sample to analyze the pattern and design fit. The patterns created are passed on to the cutting and sewing units that assemble them into proper garment pieces.


After a garment sample has been created, it is tried on a model to check if any changes are required. It is only when the fitting is approved by the client that the manufacturer should move to the next step.


Moving on, the next step, grading, involves modifying the patterns into different sizes. This allows manufactures to scale up and down and adjust to their preferred size ranges.

Creating Markers

Using adhesive stripping or staples, markers are attached to the fabrics to create an optimized layout. They are laid out to ensure that minimum of fabric is wasted.


The fabric is cut to create the desired shapes. From rotary blades to band cutters, manufacturers use a variety of ways depending on the fabric.

Sewing and Assembling

After the fabrics have been cut, it’s time for them to be stitched. This is done at a sewing unit of a manufacturing company. All of the different parts, such as sleeves and collars, are assembled.


Finally, finishing processes such as, pressing, creasing, washing, and embroidering, are carried out to give clothing pieces a refined and styled look.  Branding, such as labels, are also added.

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