Promoting Your Fashion Brand with Effective Instagram Influencer Marketing

May 11, 2017

As of April 2017, Instagram had reached around 700 million monthly active users. This number alone shows the massive power that this social media platform carries.  

Not only that, Instagram also has massive engagement rate. This makes it one of the best social media platforms to partner with influencers and reach new audiences.

A Bit about Influencer Marketing

Before we proceed, it’s quite important to understand influencer marketing and its relevancy in the current digital landscape. Simply put, it’s based on word-of-mouth product recommendations.

Companies can collaborate with these influencers to help them promote their product. Since the influencer herself likes your product, her suggestion to other people is also honest and authentic. From travel destinations to restaurants, the influencer suggesting online users is like a friend suggesting another friend.

As a fashion brand, influencer marketing can prove to be the differentiating factor for you. Here are some ways you can leverage the power of Instagram and use influencer marketing to your advantage:

Choose Influencers Wisely

Spend some time researching people who can be perfect for the job. Generally, ideal influencer marketers are people who are passionate about your industry (fashion, in your case) and are seen as thought leaders.

Moreover, they are Instagram-savvy. Having massive follower base will surely help your purpose.  

Increase Brand Awareness

After you have found a few suitable influencers, it’s time to employ their popularity on the social arena to your advantage. Having these influencers speak positively about your fashion outlet is far more effective than having your company’s separate Instagram account. Whether it is your bags or latest sportswear, having them post will really help you build a positive brand image.

Reward Your Influencer Marketers

Keep in mind that your influencer marketers are doing a great job for you for free. It would not be fair to not reward them. From promotional codes to free merchandise, make sure you keep giving them perks. This will make them all the more motivated to promote your products.

Create Excitement for New Product Launch

As a fashion brand, you must have a range of new products to launch now and then. Communicate with your Instagram influencers about your latest launch and give them a peek. This will make them excited about your product and they will market it more passionately.

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