Creating an Authentic Story for Your Clothing Brand

June 22, 2017

In this digital age, when a customer buys, she knows she is buying more than just a product. She wants to know who you are, what your brand stands for and the king of lifestyle and values it projects.  

Whether print or digital, it is very important that you stay true to yourself when telling your story.   Your customer cares about authenticity!

Here are some ways you can create an authentic story for your fashion brand:

Be Honest

Being honest and transparent is the first step in sounding authentic.

Customers will be interested in what inspires you, so draw from your own life and experiences.

Your Story Must Have a Personality

Make sure that you do not treat your brand’s story as too much of an advertisement or a marketing tactic. It should sound like your personality.

Not only will it give an interesting touch to your story, it will help viewers or readers retain it for a longer period of time.

For infusing personality in your brand, ask yourself questions like, what makes you unique, why does your company do what it does, what’s your ultimate goal, and so on.

It Should Connect and Resonate with Your Audience

Your ultimate goal in telling the story is to engage and connect with your audience.

As a fashion brand, you might be targeting a particular segment of society. Make sure you understand them, their core values, their likes and dislikes, etc.

If you want to be authentic, your interactions with your audience are very important. Once you know your audience well enough, you will know what matters to them and to you.   

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