Promoting Your Fashion Brand on Twitter – Some Things You Need to Know

June 27, 2017

With a whopping 328 million monthly active users, Twitter is a massive social media force to reckon with.

It is a social media platform where you can connect with your audience and share your story. Using the platform to your advantage, you can really make an impact.

As a fashion brand, you need to be on top of your Twitter game. Here are some tactics you can employ to promote your brand more effectively on the platform:

Make Sure Your Twitter Profile Is Incredible

If you want to impress your visitors on Twitter, you need to have a profile that stands out. Here are some tips to optimizing your profile:

The Cover Photo

With the new Twitter layout, the cover photo has a bigger share of the page. This is the first thing your visitors will notice.

You can have a photo of a celebrity or model wearing one of your clothing items or you can have a picture of an event that your company recently took part in. Make sure that it is something relevant and in line with your brand’s story.

The Bio

Within 160 words, you should craft a message that not only captures your story but also sets you apart. Focus on something that really describes you as a brand. Also, remember to add relevant hashtags.

Landing Page

Some companies include the link to their website in the bio. However, to differentiate yourself, you should spend some time to create a specific landing page for your Twitter visitors. This can include a special discount offer, an ebook, or a ‘how-to’ tutorial.

Post High-Quality Photos of Clothing Accessories

Make sure you take professional pictures of your clothing products. Get a professional photographer in your team or invest in a great camera. Good photos of your brand are essential.

Employ Video Marketing

When it comes to social media, videos are becoming a preferred mode for users. Investing in video marketing will help you great deal in creating a loyal fan base.

Whether it is a how-to guide or a short video, make your videos fun and interesting.

Follow, Reply and Retweet

Remember, Twitter is more than an advertising channel. It is a platform where people communicate. Make sure you engage with your audience. Follow tastemakers and influencers, reply to your customers’ messages and retweet messages of fashion gurus.  

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