7 Swimwear Trends That Are In Vogue

July 3, 2017

With the sun out and temperatures rising, consumers everywhere are getting ready to spend a little time relaxing by the pool or having some fun on the beach. Fashion brands should take advantage of this big market with updated and on-trend summer collections.

Here are 7 trends to consider:

The One-Piece Side Design

Enhancing the monokini trend that has been gaining popularity, the one-piece cutout adds a twist. From utilizing D-rings and laces to connect the front and back to concealing the midsection through a creative wrap, the one-piece side design can be as stylish as it gets.  

The Mini Tee

Perfect for taking a plunge, the mini tee will be one of the hottest trends this summer. Whether you want ruffled sleeves or complete shoulder caps, the swim outfit is an amazing option this time.

Off-The-Shoulder Tops

The off-the-shoulder trend has been a major clothing trend. Now, it has also become a popular swimwear trend. With the right color combination, off-the-shoulder bikini tops can look absolutely stunning.  

Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow stripes on tops will look as elegant as ever. The bright colored one-piece bikinis with colorful rainbow stripes will be on display this summer.

High-Waisted Bikini

Retro-styled, the high-waisted bikini has made a comeback. It is designed to make the waist look more narrow and can help make an impact in the scorching sun.


This one is the flirtiest of the list. Ruffles can amp up any style. What’s more, the pink bikinis can give the look a girlier vibe.

One-Piece One Strap

The one-piece one strap suit makes for an elegant look and can be great for the after-beach party as well.

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