Millennials and Athleisure – The Relationship Isn’t Going to Fade Anytime Soon

July 25, 2017

From Lululemon’s yoga pants to Athleta’s criss-cross tanks, athleisure has become a lifestyle for young people. Whether it is coffee shops or restaurants, you will find athleisure everywhere.

Athleisure became a dominant trend in 2010, however today, it has become a radical movement that defines how Americans, especially millennials, approach their clothing.   

Millennials’ Focus on Fitness

Millennials want to incorporate fitness in their daily lives. For instance, they prefer walking over driving by a substantial margin – more than that of any of the previous generations.

They also prefer living in places that have easy access to stores, restaurants, and their workplaces.

Health and wellbeing are also major concerns for millennials. They have fitness apps on their smartphones. They wear watches and bracelets to measure heart rates. What’s more, organic food is now available in most grocery stores.

It is this overall shift in thinking that makes athleisure more than just a trend. With more and more fashion brands joining in on the scene, the movement does not seem to go anywhere anytime soon. According to Fortune, the overall sales of athleisure in 2015 rose by 12 percent.   

People’s Perception Is Important for Millennials

Previously, activewear or athleisure was associated with workout sessions and sports. Not anymore; today, it is both a fashion statement and a wealth signal.

Apart from this, millennials who wear athleisure view themselves as fashion influencers—someone whom people can copy and trust for good fashion advice.

Athleisure Represents Everything They Aspire to Be

Another reason that the relationship between athleisure and millennials will thrive is that the clothing style represents what they want to become. It shows their healthy and happy self – one who does not miss the gym and eats healthy food.     

It’s Not Just the Ladies

Athleisure is not just popular among women; a large portion of male population has also embraced activewear.

Some of the popular brands that cater to men include Nike, Lorna Jane, Lululemon, Fabletics, etc. From gyms to offices, men have also been taking activewear along with them.

Many people believe that athleisure is an evolution of people’s wardrobes. It portrays our overall cultural shift towards healthier lifestyles. It is both comfortable and functional, which is what today’s millennials want most. This is the reason we will be seeing more and more activewear being adopted in future.

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