Here Are Some Childrenswear Trends for 2017

August 14, 2017

In recent years, we have seen kids’ fashion thrive. Worth a whopping $31.6 billion, the childrenswear industry in the US is experiencing rapid growth.   

Today’s kids have become much more expressive about fashion. For instance, Farouk James, a 4-year-old model, has become a major social media influencer (he has a following of over 82,000 on Instagram).

The childrenswear industry has also picked up on the athleisure trend that’s incredibly popular these days. Although they are not going to the gym, they like how their parents are dressed and want to adopt the same style.

Lefty Production Co. has outlined some trends in kids’ fashion. Read on:  

Charming Ruffles

Ruffles give a festive vibe and add a new dimension to the dress. Parents who want their kids to look bold but still youthful love them.

You as a fashion brand can incorporate ruffles in your skirts or hemlines.

Adorable Shoes

There’s nothing better to complement a kid’s outfit than embellished shoes. Adorable shoes will always be in style.  

Shiny patent shoes and soft-leather moccasins are great choices along with trendy sneakers.

Being a fashion-forward company, you should incorporate shoes to fill out your childrenswear imagery.


This one’s for the little guy. He loves to play grownup and the bowtie is his chance. They look terrific with a wide variety of collared shirts.

Stylish Layers

Stylish layers are in line with the current athleisure trend. They are both practical and fashionable.

For girls, sweaters with beautiful floral designs are great; and everybody will love hooded sweatshirts and zip up sweaters.

Colored Stripes

As far as childrenswear is concerned, colorful stripes are never out of trend. They are great for both little guys and girls. With neutral bottoms, colored stripes are sure to make an impact.   

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