Lefty Production Co.’s Expertise in Garment Sewing – How We Do It

August 30, 2017

Sewing is the art of stitching clothes with a needle and a thread. Before we had the spinning yam and the sewing machine, people used to sew clothes with hands.

With the evolution of technology, advanced sewing tools and procedures have developed. We at Lefty Production Co. employ the latest technology. Over the years, we have perfected our garment sewing process.         

Here are some incredible sewing techniques that we employ in our garment manufacturing process:

Using Fabric that Matches the Pattern’s Design

The designers and manufacturers at Lefty Production Co. thoroughly understand which types of fabric will suit a particular pattern design, that is, we ensure that the fabric is not too stiff when it should be soft, and so on.

This consistency allows us to produce high-quality clothes that fit as intended.

The Ability to Lay Pattern Pieces in the Same Direction for Napped Pieces

When working with napped fabrics, such as satin or velvet, it is essential to lay all the pattern designs in the same direction. If a garment manufacturer fails to do so, the item will show two different shades.

Our garment sewers understand this and ensure that the patterns are laid such that the fabric looks the same no matter what direction it is being viewed from.

Making Pattern Markings

Although making these small circles can slow down the sewing process, we at Lefty Production Co. do not leave any stones unturned in ensuring that our products are virtually flawless.

Effective pattern marking allows us to remove pleats and cross seams. It keeps the manufacturers on the right track.  

Using the Right Interfacing  

There are many different kinds of interfacing and inexperienced garment sewers can make mistakes when it comes to choosing the right one.

Interfacing is quite important to give the garment a clean finishing touch. The fashion designers at Lefty Production Co. use the right interface layout and ensure that all kinds of ripples and folds are removed.           

Expertly Carrying Out Hem Finish

In garment sewing, hem is the finishing method. In this method, the edge of a piece of fabric is folded nicely to ensure that the fabric does not get unraveled.

The garment sewers at Lefty Production Co. go out of their way to put in a bit of extra effort for the hem. This ensures that the clothes we produce are flawlessly finished.

We at Lefty Production Co. are a garment manufacturing company Los Angeles. From garment patternmaking to garment sewing, we are experts in all clothing and accessories manufacturing functions.

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