What’s Involved In The Apparel Making Process – A Comprehensive Guide

September 21, 2017

From design and development to the finishing, apparel making is an elaborate process that calls for a high level of commitment. For a truly superior quality product, apparel making involves dedication to finesse and a meticulous attention to detail.

The initial stages call for considerable planning, sketching and revising clothing concepts, patterns, fittings, sampling and refining the final design. Once this phase is complete, then comes the higher volume production process.

Pattern Making and Grading

The initial development process involves the creation of a pattern, which can be drafted using hard paper, or even in digitized form with the use of current technology.

The two dimensional pattern is then cut and sewn into a three dimensional sample  to show inb real life what the final product will look like before the high volumne cutting and sewing of the garment begins.

Marker Making

Marker making is all about optimization of the fabric being used in the garment production process. Making markers is done with the purpose of reducing the potential for fabric waste.


The apparel material is cut in accordance with how it needs to be constructed. This cutting process can be done using everything from shears and straight knives to computerized cutting systems.


The sewing process is one that has to be closely observed in order to ensure a high standard of quality. There is a plethora of sewing machines available for these purposes, with different purposes such as single needle, safety stich, automat multi-stitch, e.t.c.

Pressing and Finishing

The final product is then carefully examined to ensure quality control, embellished, ironed, and then tagged and packaged. The entire apparel production process involves the use of considerable resources and technical expertise.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to make it in the fashion business, or merely need clothes made for specific purposes, you will certainly benefit with the help of a garment manufacturing company.

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