Farouk James – The Four-Year-Old Instagram Sensation

September 24, 2017

We often talk about how the children are our future, and that’s undeniably true. Turns out, they are the future in fashion too!

One young, naturally blessed child is creating quite the storm online. James Farouk, a little London boy, is making waves with his head full of incredible curls.

At merely four years old, James is a true Instagram sensation. He has an eye-catching mane of beautiful auburn curls, and they have managed to spark the attention of individuals all over the world thanks to the internet!

True Self-Expression Turning Heads!

The toddler has over 199k followers on the social media platform, and the numbers keep climbing. Thanks to his internet fame, he’s getting quite the head start in a modeling career! He has secured a number of such jobs, and has served as a model for a number of brands directed at children’s wear.

Before James even made it to the school-going age, he was out and about, walking the walking at the London Fashion Walk runway!

James’ mother, Bonnie Farouk, is the one in charge of his Instagram account, and maintains a delicate balance when it comes to the task of raising a child who has garnered so much fame so fast.

Bonnie, a mother of three, is a strong proponent for true self-expression. James’ curls are all natural, despite being initially born with completely straight hair. The curls kicked in at about 2 months, and paved the way for a bright future as an Instagram and YouTube star!

The Power of Social Media

The age of the internet has brought about new considerations that must be taken, particularly for fashion brands, retailers, and entrepreneurs.

The reach of social media can easily be evidenced when you read about people like James Farouk, and has an important lesson to teach those who are looking to get their brand known in the cyber-sphere.

As a brand, it’s essential to keep track of current trends, and that includes social media sensations. These people are seen by thousands, and what they wear is certainly noticed by these people too.

Social media can serve to be quite the powerful marketing tool for anyone looking to make it in the fashion business.

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