Some Latest Garment Pattern Drafting Techniques

September 28, 2017

What is pattern drafting? This is a crucial aspect of the clothing production process, and involves the creation of a pattern with the use of appropriate measurements and a foundation for the design.

The fit of the clothing product has to be designed into the initial pattern, with all the intricacies of a select style incorporated accordingly.

While there are many different techniques within the realm of the pattern drafting process, there are two basic ones worth making note of.

Manipulating Darts

The use of darts is one of the fundamentals of basic pattern making, and essentially involves the use of darts for the purposes of fit or design preference.

In flat pattern making, you can move the darts from one point to another, with the use of a designated pivot point and the shifting of the dart excess to a new point. This is essential for the purposes of getting a more flattering fit and having freedom with the styling of the product.

These darts are made use of in order to have control over the shaping of the fabric on a three dimensional figure, that is, the body.

Slashing and Spreading

The slash and spread method in pattern making is a technique that entails the alteration of a pattern in order to create an entirely new design. As the name suggests, this involves cutting as well as spreading, which essentially means to make wider and bigger.

This method is ideal for giving fullness to a specific design, and generally made use of when it comes to pleated designs or ones with flares and gathers.  

For example, in order to design a full skirt, you would draw lines along the length, cut accordingly along those lines, and then spread out the pieces and get the effect of a full, wide hem!

Running a clothing or fashion business is no simple task. There is a whole world of responsibilities, and in order to ensure quality control, the different aspects of running such a company have to be distributed to appropriate authorities.

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