Finding Social Media Influencers for Your Fashion Brand

February 26, 2018

We are living in times dominated by social media. As a fashion brand, it would be a mistake to ignore this massive platform.

The social media world has given rise to a different kind of celebrity – the social media influencer. A social media influencer endorsing a product is like a movie star recommending it.

Although this a more cost-effective way to reach large audiences, many businesses struggle to find authentic influencers.  

We at Lefty Production Co. have outlined some ways you can find the right social media influencers:

Find the Influencers’ Marketplace

Searching for influencers is nothing like searching for your favorite restaurant on Google.

A better approach is to employ software such as TapInfluence. This and other similar software provide a comprehensive system for connecting with potential influencers and creating influencer marketing campaigns.

Employ Social Media

Once you have shortlisted some potential candidates, it’s time to check their social media profiles.

You want to know how they connect with their audience and if they have adequate expertise in the fashion products you are selling.

This will enhance the likelihood of a successful partnership with them.

Have a Media Kit

A media kit or a press kit is a collection of promotional materials that provides information about your company and its various operations.

Your press kit can help make a favorable impression in the influencers’ eyes. If your company’s values match their values, they will be more likely to become your brand ambassadors.

Compensation should be Very Attractive

Influencers will not be endorsing your brand just because they like it – They would be expecting compensation for their services.

You might opt for a commission-based payment structure or you might pay them for every piece of content, like review blogs or videos, that they create.

Communicate Goals Effectively

Before you hire a social media influencer, you need to make sure that your campaign goals are clearly defined and communicated.

From increasing sales to enhancing brand engagement, you might have many goals. Make sure you quantify them, so that everybody stays on the same page.

Keep Measuring the Effects

It is very important that you keep measuring the effects of your influencer marketing campaign. You can use online tools to track and monitor its results.

This will help your understand your campaign’s effectiveness and corrective measures that need to be taken.

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