3 Common Patternmaking Problems You Need to Steer Clear of

March 12, 2018

One of the most important stages of garment manufacturing is pattern making. The pattern making process influences the overall design and fit of a garment.

 Naturally, fashion designers should make sure that they choose a skilled, trained, experienced pattern maker for the job.

But, even if you collaborate with a talented pattern maker, mistakes can happen during this stage. To help you stay on top of the garment manufacturing process, we have outlined a few patternmaking mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs:

Improper balancing

Getting the pattern balance right is very important. This is primarily because the balance affects the fitting of a garment. When the pattern balance is not correct, the garment will look poorly fitted and unappealing to your customers.  

For example, a pattern that is not properly aligned with the fabric’s grain line can cause a garment to swing toward one side more than the other side. Pay attention to the balance of a garment pattern. The garment should effortless fit an individual.

Wrong proportions

When creating a design for your clothes, make sure it reflects the body proportions of your target customers.

Sometimes, the design of a garment does not seem wearable because of inaccurate pattern proportions. In order to resolve this problem, use a professional model as a base size. Make sure you to stick to a single model. Using different models can alter the proportions of a pattern.

Incorrect alterations

Last but not least, pattern makers must know proper pattern drafting techniques and pattern alterations to achieve flawless fitting of garments.

Many pattern makers use technology to alter patterns. Whether it’s done manually or via machine, pattern alternations should be checked for accuracy and fit before proceeding with production.

During the stage of pattern making, you need to work closely with your pattern maker and provide complete information about your brand, including your target customer, garment design, size, and more. All this information will assist the pattern making in creating a well-fitting garment that your target audience will love.

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