Pattern Grading: What is It And Why It Matters

March 23, 2018

Pattern grading is one of the most significant steps in the apparel manufacturing process. Pattern grading allows fashion designers to create different sized patterns from the original pattern. To put it another way, pattern grading leads to the creation of a variety of sizes for a single garment style.

 There are two ways for grading patterns, which includes the manual and automatic method. Computer software, such as CAD, automates the grading process. It makes the entire process much easier than the manual method and saves time. On the other hand, cut and spread and pattern shifting are basic manual methods.

The significance of pattern grading

Pattern grading helps fashion designers produce garments for people of all body types.  As a fashion designer, it’s important to sell well-fitting garments to customers. Generally speaking, garment fit may mean different things to different people. But, from the technical perspective, the seam placements and volume determine the overall fit of a garment. While the aesthetic design, length and style of a garment is crucial, it doesn’t have anything to do with fitting.

Pattern grading ensures optimal fit of a garment. Successful fashion brands know the significance of pattern grading for producing well-fitting apparel to their target customers. By meeting the needs of customers with different body shapes and sizes, fashion brands can build customer loyalty.

In addition, pattern grading is an effective tool for adapting the size of a pattern to an individual’s changing body size.

For example, women’s apparel patterns are typically designed to fit a standard size, such as 8. Based on the standard size, the fit of a garment is improved further. Thereafter, the pattern is graded for a variety of sizes, such as from 6 to 18.

Keep in mind, pattern grading changes the size of a design, but not its shape and appearance.

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