Fashion 101: How To Get Ready for The Runway

June 25, 2018

Planning your first apparel collection for a major fashion event? International fashion shows are an ideal platform for apparel and accessory designers to showcase their collections.

To win the hearts of the big names presents at these events, it is imperative that you begin planning your collection at least six months in advance.

Here is how you can plan the manufacturing process to ensure your collection is ready on time:


The apparel manufacturing process begins with design. Think of what your target customers want/need.

For example, if you intend to launch your collection in summer, most of your customers will be vacationing. Summer is all about bold and vibrant designs. You can pick fabric materials and colors that reflect summer.

To start with, use an advance computer program like CAD to create initial design. Add labels and dimensions for your sketches. Most importantly, discuss every detail with your manufacturer.


Once you have a sketch, it is time to commence the sample phase. The sample is the prototype of your product. It defines the fit, size, etc.

A skilled and experienced manufacturing company can help you create an accurate sample. Make sure you choose a manufacturer who understands your creative vision and is easy to communicate with.  


Once the first sample is made, you may need to edit it. In most cases, it takes a few tries to get what you want.

You can wear or stretch the sample to determine its quality and durability. This will give you an idea of what customers will be experiencing when they receive it.

There is a high chance you may need to tweak your sample. This is why it makes sense to make multiple samples. Once the sample meets your specifications, you need to make duplicates.


Once you have approved the sample, it is time to duplicate your design in the color array that represents your brand.

For example, if you a dress designer, you will have to make the dress in different colors and patterns.

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