Minimizing Apparel Costs in Garment Manufacturing

July 12, 2019

As the e-commerce industry continues to flourish, more and more small businesses are entering the market to take advantage of online tools.

Small clothing brands have benefited the most from the rapidly evolving retail industry. These brands can now find local garment manufacturers that can meet their requirements and churn out fashion lines quickly.

The biggest challenge for small clothing brands is the competition they receive from giants in the fashion industry. Global fast-fashion brands have economies of scale and are able to offer products at lower prices.

For a small fashion brand to survive the intense competition of the industry, it needs to control its costs and manage cash flow.

Minimizing production cost allows small fashion brands to bring down their prices and remain competitive.

Here are some ways you can minimize production costs in garment manufacturing:

Get the Quality Right the First Time

Production mishaps will drain your finances, so it’s crucial  to try to avoid them. Work with an experienced garment manufacturer that prioritizes quality, and has procedures in place to ensure that you get your production done right.

You don’t want to get into the habit of redoing batches because of quality issues. It wastes time, money and reduces productivity.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Small independent clothing brands don’t need their own factories. Small batch production quantities can be produced by the right domestic apparel manufacturer.

Finding a factory that will produce in smaller quantities will allow you to invest less money in inventory.  A quick and responsive factory will also allow you to react quickly to market feedback.

Improve Employee Productivity

If each employee is producing more, you need fewer people and in turn your overhead costs are also reduced. By improving workforce productivity, you can stretch your dollar much further.  Team morale should be a top priority.

Organize Your Supplies

If your employees spend a good chunk of their day looking for fabric and trims, they’re wasting important time which could have been used to produce goods.

Organization of supplies and materials is needed to maintain high productivity levels.

Lefty Production Co. is your one stop shop garment and accessories design, development and production company.  We strive to make our clients’ manufacturing experience efficient and cost-effective.  

We offer comprehensive garment manufacturing services in Los Angeles that include sourcing and design, pattern making, garment sample making, laser-cutting, and production of our client’s products.

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