Infuse Personality into Your Fashion Website

July 18, 2019

Often people have a vision for their brands but it just doesn’t translate they way they want it to on their websites. The problem with having a website that looks and feels like everyone else’s, is that it can feel stale and uninspired.

If you don’t make a big impression on your audience, how will they distinguish you from the many  other fashion websites?

Infusing personality into your fashion website can make you stand out from the rest. Here are some simple ways to make your website more personal:

1. Write Like You Talk

When you write like you talk in person, it makes it easier for others to understand how you think and it shows your personality at the same time. Readers will have an easier time identifying with a friendly and casual tone. Strive for the perfect balance of personality and fun without giving up professionalism.

Companies that have figured out how to show their personality with the text on their websites make it much easier for clients to relate to them. The quirks and uniqueness of the website can appeal to your users and give you an edge over your competitors.

2. Make Your Website a Visual Experience

Fashion is all about presentation and that should be reflected in your website. Make your fashion website a visual experience with interesting and memorable graphics that appeal to your audience. Focus on the design, the colors and the images and how they can be used to highlight your products.

Create a unique brand style guide so there is consistency throughout your website and it’s easy for your users to recognize your brand.

3. Create an Interesting About Us Page

Your About Us page should contain a little about you and a lot more about the inspiration behind your products. The About Us page is your opportunity to share your brand’s philosophy, your vision and goals with your customers. This is your chance to tell them what you’re all about.

Let them know what makes you different from your competitors and what you do better than the rest. Feel free to let your personality shine through.

4. Share Stories

Everyone likes a good story. If your company provides products to others, sharing some success stories and testimonials on your website can help you gain your users’ attention and trust. They’ll now get to see your work in action and that can prompt them to make a purchase.

Your success stories are proof of your hard work. They’re unique to your brand and make excellent marketing tools.

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