2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

June 3, 2021

2021 fashion has so far been a throwback to the years leading up to the millennium than a continuation of the trends we sported pre-pandemic. On the one hand, the experience has been quite nostalgic for Gen Xers and millennials; on the other, we’re sure Zoomers are rolling their eyes at this trip down memory lane.

Here are some of the hottest trends to look forward to this warm season as per fashion manufacturers.

Wide-legged Bottoms

Flared pants have been doing the rounds for a while now. In fact, since everyone started working from home, the need for something with a bit of ventilation and comfort practically kicked skinny jeans to the curb.

Wide-legged jeans are here, and they aren’t going anywhere, not for a long time yet.

Tiered Tops  

Tiered and ruffled tops are probably the answer to, “What? Just bottoms? That’s disappointing.” Sundresses will always have a place in your summer wardrobe, but remember those cute dresses that would scrunch at the waist or bust and flare the rest of the way down in multiple tiers? Yeah, those are coming back.

You can either buy a tiered dress or top that falls over your figure like a cone or one that is tighter at the chest or waist to give you more shape.

Oversized Hoodies

It’s all about your comfort level this year. As we all know, Hoodies are versatile because you can wear the thicker ones in the winter and the lighter ones the rest of the year. They make you feel safe and at ease.

Since this year’s all about going two sizes too big, how about investing in some plus-sized loungewear?

Wide Sleeves

We’ve already established a consistent fashion pattern for this year, a theme around stay-at-home and remote work orders. This means everything in your wardrobe, from underwear to athletic wear, needs to be airy enough to compensate for all the air you miss out on.

You can achieve this with wider sleeves, so trade in your pajamas for a kimono and your button-down for a top which is all ruffles from the neck to the sleeves.

Billowy Pastels

This season is all about pastels; even your tartan has to be a light color. The concept is to keep things bright and sunny.

When going for a button-down, go for a shapeless one and don’t tuck in the ends. Pair it with faded or white jeans.

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