3 Fashion Manufacturing Jobs to Know About

July 18, 2022

The apparel market in the United States is expected to generate over $470 billion in revenue this year, a rise of over %8 annually. Furthermore, overall revenue is predicted to hit $494 billion in 2023, growing at a rate of more than %4. These numbers suggest that the fashion industry is a lucrative one, meaning increase sin overall garment manufacturing procedures.

Garment makers work with raw materials to create completed products. To develop a diversified product mix, this process includes quality inspections, quantity, pricing, fit evaluation, sizing standardization, and much more. Production planning is one of the most important aspects of clothing manufacturing. Here are three apparel manufacturing jobs involved in the whole process.

Womandrawing on paper

Pattern Makers

The pattern maker is the first step in the fashion production process. They take a garment's design and turn it into a pattern that other employees can follow. This includes modifying the pattern for various garment sizes as well as calculating the amount of fabric required for each size. The proportions of each component of the garment are laid out in this blueprint in such a way that no fabric is wasted.

Meticulous detailing is essential. If the template is off in the slightest, the entire process can be ruined. The pattern maker is capable of sewing and drawing – both, by hand and through software applications.

Production Managers

A production team manager is in charge of overseeing the full production process. It is their responsibility to ensure that a fashion collection is delivered on time and within the budget, from the designer's website to retail shops. Production managers work with suppliers to ensure that production staff has the fabrics they need to stay on schedule. 

They also oversee deliveries to the retailers they partner with and ensure that the final items fulfill quality standards. Multitasking is a necessary trait for production managers because they juggle a lot of obligations at the same time. Time management and excellent communication are also essential abilities.

Woman with nails painted blue using a sewing machine

Sewing Machine Operators

Sewing machines are used to put together fashion outfits by these fashion industry professionals. This includes anyloops, buttons, hooks, or other accessories that the pattern maker has laid out. As machine operators frequently shift to various teams, they are skilled in all elements of the sewing process. From trimming rough edges to inspecting the clothing for any faults, they produce high-quality work fast. 

This is a valuable asset, as firms may be compensated based on the number of garments they generate. Good teamwork and good hand-eye coordination can help sewing machine operators succeed in this position. 

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