3 Fashion Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

July 1, 2021

2020 certainly proved to be a year of massive disruptions—and the fashion industry was no exception.  Just as all sorts of businesses tried to pick up the pace with the changing situation due to coronavirus-induced lockdowns, fashion brands were also compelled to come up with new ideas.

As more and more people are now used to working from home, the clothing they choose has also seen a drastic change. As a result, many new fashion trends have come to light in 2021, some of which had not been in Vogue for many years.

Let's look at some of the fashion trends of 2021:

Loungewear as a comfortable replacement

If there were an apparel category that hadn’t seen an upgrade for years, loungewear would definitely make the cut. With people now spending more hours at home, fashion brands are scrambling to introduce finer garments and newer designs in the category. That is also because many office-goers who once used to wear formal pants to their workplaces now prefer wearing traditional pajamas in the comfort of their homes.

Skinny fits go out of trend

Never have consumers been more concerned about their comfort than during lockdowns. An increasing trend of buying baggy, loosely fit outfits was noticed in 2020, which is expected to continue into 2021. As restrictions on outside movement are still in place, comfort would continue to dominate people's fashion choice. That would obviously mean that skinny clothing, including tight jeans and fitted t-shirts, would go out of trend for a while.

Two models wearing baggy clothing

Gaming characters-printed tees

As an inevitable consequence of more time spent at home, an uptick in people's screen time was also reported. According to United HealthCare, people spent as much as 13 hours on screen every day since COVID-19 emerged. A lot of that time also accounted for video games played during those lockdowns. Keeping in view the increased amount of time spent playing video games and watching movies, 2021 is likely to see more people opting for printed tees having gaming characters.

It is not just imperative for individuals to keep track of changing fashion trends, but fashion brands and retailers also need to match up to their customer needs. If you are a fashion brand looking to upgrade your designs, add labels to your brand, or just want to consult experts on how to grow your clothing brand, connect with us at Lefty Production Co.

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