3 Latest Trends in The Fashion Industry That Are Here to Stay

September 8, 2021

Amid a pandemic, where consumer behaviour is difficult to predict, some latest fashion trends benefited the industry in more ways than one could imagine. One of these is the rise of e-commerce.

The fashion industry is one of the leading sources of e-commerce revenue generation. The e-commerce fashion revenue in the UK was nearly 34.9 billion US dollars in 2021 and is expected to grow to 39.9 billion US dollars in 2025.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about some exciting fashion trends that are here to stay for quite some time.

Trend # 1: Athleisure Clothing:

Athleisure refers to fashion trends that are a combination of athletic and leisure clothing. These trends are comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing. With many adults shifting to remote work and almost every child indulging in online learning, people prefer to wear comfortable clothes.

Noticing this change in the fashion industry, clothing brands realized that comfort is the priority and started arranging campaigns that emphasized making loungewear and athleisure available for their customers.

woman wearing black trousers and t-shirt

Trend # 2: Genderless Clothing:

For years, societies and brands manufactured clothes based on sex. The basic principle of gender played a huge role in designing clothes. However, now many fashion brands are trying to evolve from this mindset and have started campaigns that focus on genderless clothing.

Nowadays, people are not confined to wearing clothes designed especially for their gender, but they can choose to wear whatever they’re comfortable with.

Trend # 3: Slow Fashion Over Fast Fashion:

Slow fashion is a fashion theory based on the principle of launching fewer collections using fewer resources and feasible materials. This also improves working conditions as the workers in the clothing factories will be exposed to fewer toxic chemicals.

A part of this trend involves “seasonless fashion.” This means launching designs and patterns that are usually used in more than one season—for instance, using floral patterns in fall releases instead of just making use of them in spring releases. This results in allowing trends and pieces to remain in fashion for more than a couple of months.

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