3 Signs of Quality Fashion Manufacturing

August 27, 2021

A lot of fashion designers in the fashion world have amazing designs in mind. But some of them fail to deliver what they want to.

One of the reasons behind this is that the clothes often lack quality. If the quality of any piece of clothing is abysmal, not even the amazing designs, prints, and cuts could save it. Any women or men's wear manufacturer would agree with this!

In this blog, we’re going to discuss some signs of quality fashion manufacturing that every designer should know about.

Clothes without Poor Quality Fabric

A thin fabric might feel nice on a hot summer’s day. But the truth is that poor quality, thin fabric is  more likely it is to fade or tear down. Light or summer-based fabrics exist, but they shouldn’t be mediocre in quality.

As a lot of summer-based women’s clothing is very thin, this shouldn’t compromise on the fabric’s quality.

Stretchable Fabric Is the Way to go

Another factor that any cloth designer should keep in mind is to always look for stretchable material and fabric. This especially applies to any fashion designer working on a clothing line that consists of casual wear or any active wear manufacturer.

Even if a cloth designer selects non-stretchable fabric, they should keep in mind to select a fabric that goes back to its original form after being stretched.
This ensures that clothes don’t lose their fit once their worn by the consumer.

Properly Stitched Clothing

Fashion clothing that is sewn securely in all the places is one of the best signs of quality fashion manufacturing.

This means that fashion designers should refrain from using clothing glue or any other sticky material to piece the dress together. Using glue on clothes would result in wearing or tearing down of the clothes at the slightest stretch.

Instead of making barely there stitches, clothes designers should always put in extra stitches or over sew the piece of clothing.

Multiple clothes in hangers

Where to Find Quality Cloth Manufacturers?

With too many options in the market, any fashion designer would struggle with finding a quality clothing manufacturer or other material for their clothing line.

At Lefty Production Co, we bring quality cloth designing and manufacturing for every kind of fashion wear. From athletic wear to swimwear, we offer something for every clothing range.

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