3 Statement Men’s Shirts That Never Go Out of Style

Men’s shirts were previously considered as innerwear but over time the perception regarding men’s shirts changed. Shirts can either be tailored to an individual’s physique or you can choose from a variety of fits.

Men’s dress shirts became a symbol of professionalism and are required to be worn inside a work environment because of the formal look they project. Moreover, they’re the ideal alternative for outer garments like coats, jackets, etc., as you can either button up or button down the shirt to give it a new style every time.

Here’s a list of some men’s shirts that are always trending and fashionable.

Dress Shirts

Keeping humid weather in mind, cotton fabric dress shirts are an ideal choice for daily wear. Besides offering a comfortable wearing experience, they’re easy to style and project a classic look. These shirts are typically worn at the workplace and at formal evening gatherings.

Three men’s shirts made by a men’s wear manufacturer in Los Angeles

Collarless Shirts

You can now achieve the ‘cool-dude-next-door’ look with collarless shirts. They're ideal for men who don’t prefer collared shirts. These shirts are finding their way back in the fashion scene in place of traditional and formal dress shirts. They are eye-catching and comfortable to wear.

Printed Shirts

Printed shirts are versatile and can be worn on various occasions. However, beaches are the perfect place to show off your printed shirts—wear a basic white tee inside with a button-down shirt or a stole.

Moreover, these shirts look cool when paired with shorts or cotton trousers. They offer an effortless holiday look.  

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