3 Streetwear Staples to Inspire Your Streetwear Collection

May 12, 2023

Turning heads has never been this easy! From millennials to Gen Z, nearly everyone agrees on the importance of streetwear. Mastering it takes time and experience, but we plan to make it easy for you. This piece lists three articles that can elevate your street style look and make you look fabulous.

Puffer Jacket

If a wardrobe staple is sure to add dramatic flair to your street style, it has got to be none other than a puffer jacket. And we aren’t talking about your regular puffer jackets, either! Think big, poofy, oversized puffer jackets that demand attention and create a buzz wherever you wander.

This year’s color palette involves everything from nude tones to popping lime green, and we’re here for it. Imagine the pop of color a neon puffer jacket would add to your streetwear collection—we’re swooning just thinking about it.  

Bucket Hat

To cap, or not to cap—that is the question.

Bucket hats are coming back in fashion, and they’re here to stay—at least for the rest of 2023. A bucket hat can take you from basic to bougie instantly. Available in a variety of colors and textures, a person can make do with owning just three bucket hats:

1. Denim: Think of a bucket hat with patches and frayed edges on it. A very rough, shaken-up bucket hat. Now imagine yourself wearing it on top of an all-denim outfit.

2. Pop of Color: A monochrome outfit will remain incomplete until you wear this bucket hat. From hot pink to citrus and electric blue, any bright color would work.

3. Black: Simply because it’s bound to never go out of fashion. A black bucket hat will look fine on beige, white, and brown outfits.

a woman wearing a black bucket hat


Funky Bag

Trendy streetwear isn’t restricted to just wardrobe staples, and a funky bag might just be the thing to take your streetwear style up a notch.

From jewels and sequins to numerous zips and pockets, anything can make a bag stand out. When you’re on the street, sipping an Americano and clicking pictures for your Instagram feed, you need something to hold all of those other accessories in. A lip balm, a mirror, a foldable tripod stand, your debit cards, everything can fit inside your bag. And, if you prefer not to carry anything on you, might we suggest one of those tiny, will-absolutely-fit-nothing-but-my-patience bags? They look cute too!

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