3 Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2021

Sustainable brands are the talk of the town. Since recurring climate-change-related events have started to occur across the globe, most brands are shifting their focus towards eco-friendly practices.

However, the main obstacle for emerging brands is covering manufacturing costs. While customers are looking forward to shopping more sustainably, their budget remains a major concern.

Sustainable brands are often more expensive because of their quality and eco-friendly materials used. Keeping the purchasing power of customers in your mind and the cost of the materials used for production, you may want to invest in these sustainable fashion trends for your 2021 collection.

Vintage and Thrift

While millennials are the largest group of people in the US who thrift shop, its demand has surged, evolving into a fashion trend.

Besides thrift stores, vintage shops are becoming popular too. You might get your hands on valuable antique items at the most reasonable price. You’d be surprised with all the hidden gems out there to shop for.

Nowadays, brands allow their customers to evaluate the quality of their antique or thrift products before buying them online. This builds the level of trust between the brand and its customers.

Small businesses are trying to tap into this market with their small budgets, and they need your support to continue producing sustainable products.

A closet full of men’s clothing

Re-wearing Clothes

Have you heard of the capsule wardrobe trend? It has become pretty big recently because many brands want to reduce their carbon footprint and implement eco-friendly practices for a sustainable future.

You can now use your old clothes to produce something more refined and chic. Level up your dressing game by pairing mismatched clothes that never go out of style and give yourself a new look with an old outfit.

Transparent Production Process

Being the owner of a famous clothing line, you’d never want to be exposed by customers for poor working conditions. The most efficient way to build brand credibility is to keep your production process as transparent as it could be in front of customers.

Customers build their trust over brands that comply with eco-friendly practices and who stand by their CSR policies.

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