3 Swimwear Materials We Are Obsessed With

June 20, 2023

While there are tons of swimwear lines in the market, the options of materials are restricted to a select few. For a comfortable experience, swimsuits have to be made of light and breathable materials. As the summer season nears, we bring a list of swimwear materials that will trend this year because they don’t compromise on fashion or quality.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is most suitable for the swimwear function. This is a highly durable material that holds onto its color and elasticity over a long period. Often paired with elastane or Lucra®, the material is one of the leading swimwear materials today. In 2018, the market share for polyester in the United States alone was USD 6.3 billion and it continues to rise.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester is also recycled widely in favor of virgin materials to minimize the environmental impact of its synthesis. For a lot of swimwear manufacturers, recycled polyester is the choice of material for garments. Repreve is one of the sustainable polyester products made out of recycled plastic bottles.



Elastane is a stretchable material made from a synthetic polymer. Invented in 1958, the material takes its name after its highly elastic characteristic. Elastane is also more commonly known as spandex. With its chemical complexity, elastane makes up for a highly stretchable material, expanding up to more than twice its original size. Another of its biggest advantages is its UV-resistant technology which protects against skin damage during long hours under the sun, making it one of the most desired swimwear materials today.


Econyl  ̶  or eco-friendly nylon  ̶  is also a sustainable solution used to make swimwear today. Made out of recycled nylon, this material is chosen over virgin nylon for its sustainability potential. For its durability, accessibility, and sustainability, Econyl is one of the best swimwear materials out there.

 People posing in one-piece swimsuits.

If you’re looking to launch a swimwear line, you can choose amongst these materials for durable and long-lasting products. However, make sure your manufacturer helps you procure these materials from reliable sources.

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